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Driven by its strong passion to serve and to uplift the lives of its members, CREMCO Multipurpose Cooperative has evolved into the preferred brand of Financial Services in the since it started more than three decades ago. CREMCO Multipurpose Cooperative has evolved into one of the best and fast- growing Cooperatives who offers diversified services to its members through different business divisions such as:

• Savings and Lending
• Local Manpower Supply
• Consumer Services
• Agri-Animal Business
• Training & Seminar Business

We are soon to open our expansion to thirteen branches this coming 2017 – 2018

CRESCO Multipurpose Cooperative with an initial capitalization of P375,000.00 has grown remarkably into more than P5 Million worth of Assets with an excellent operational and financial portfolio. From fifteen (15) cooperators, its membership has increased into more than 70 and continuously growing.


CREMCO was founded by Mr. Rogelio M. Lansang year 2010, because of his passion to help people give a job for those in need. He is formerly an Overseas Filipino Worker for Ten (10) years in the Middle East, his goal is to train OFW for financial Management so that they might be able saved money for their future business and have to their own business before their final exit from working abroad.


• To uplift the quality of life of its members by ensuring its viability and growth through superior loan, consumer products and diversified services, good returns on investments and excellent customer service to both our perspective and existing clients. All these will be achieved by a team of highly motivated, dedicated and professional individuals.Provide our client with competent, reliable and dedicated workers for your manpower needs.

• Train members to perform non-core functions in various field of businesses/industries for an efficient operation on their regular business activities.

• Actively support the government and other concerned organization both local and foreign in promoting cooperative as practical means toward sustainable socioeconomic development under a truly just and democratic society.

• Provide optimum social and economic benefits to its members

• Provide goods and services and other requirements to the Members

• Develop expertise and skills among members through training and seminars

• Promote and advance the economic, social and educational status of the members

• Encourage and promote self-help or self-employment as an engine to economic growth and poverty alleviation; and

• Teach the members efficient way of doing things in a cooperative; and

• Implement policy guidelines that will ensure transparency and equitable access to its resources and services.


• To create and provide job for membership and associate member , to extend our company our coop movement, our environments, our community and our regulators. And also to recognized for its diversified services and operational excellence. An institution organized by the employees and for the employees; founded on Passion, Integrity, Dedication, Compassion and Accountability for Social Responsibility.

• To help and improve the quality of life of its members.

• To provide job locally for every Filipino seeking for job and believe in their natural capabilities and to make them more competitive in market nationwide..,

• To satisfy clients for our service provided.






A cherished culture of commitment and devotion to serve our members.

Sense of responsibility and professionalism. Answerable to members.

Encompasses the principles of sharing, the spirit of cooperativism.

The value to fight for.


Is COMMITTED TO EXCELLENT SERVICES to bridge the need of various industries through out-sources and for Labor forces as our Associate Members, for them to have a stable and steady income generation. Our value is business sharing and giving business opportunity to a community.

We pride ourselves to offer our ASSOCIATE MEMBERS as our manpower forces whose competence, willingness and dedication is our best package to our client. Our cooperative service offers you a job contracting and supplying of manpower forces based on your work requirements.

Our services, which are specifically designed to meet both long and short term needs provides technical, maintenance, administrative and related services in support of the industries’ main or regular business activities ranges from office staff to Industrial work force , sales, janitorial, promotion, marketing support, and virtually every kind of job assistance your company may require.

Consider us your partner for greater business horizon as we answer your needs during peak demand periods, major projects, special events, or even for temporary replacement of your regular workers during their prolonged leave of absence.

Please allow us to enumerate the advantage of our services, namely;

1. ABSENCE OF LEGAL SUIT – our valued clients shall be rendered according to DOLE (DO-174), free and harmless from any suit or litigation that may arise from hiring these casuals.

2. ABSENCE OF LABOR PROBLEM – Since these casual are employees of COUNTERPART RESOURCES SERVICES COOPERATIVE your company will not be burden of any problems connected with labor union; they may be terminated anytime in accordance with your company rules and DOLE (DO-174)

  • COST-SAVING-MONEY/MANHOURS -Your company is freed from providing these casuals fringe benefits that usually accrue the permanent employee, such as separation fee , Pension Plan, Medical benefits, other company privileges being availed of under the Labor Code and the New Constitution.
  • Our staff absorbs the consuming functions of both your Personnel and Accounting Department in handling employee’s movement on matters of hiring, record keeping, payroll, and related function.
  • Most important, you enjoy lower cost of maintaining workers in the payroll, SSS, ECC, Pag-ibig, Phil-health, 13th Month pay, and other government-mandated labor premier to add to this another “Saving Element “ your payroll money earns in the bank as we advance our workers salaries while billing you later.


3. EXEMPTION FROM VAT and INCOME TAX – The COOPERATIVE hereby represents that it is exempted from income and value added taxes pursuant to Revenue Regulations No. 20 – 2001 (dated November 12, 2001) issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. In this connection, the CLIENT agrees not to withhold any taxes on payments due the COOPERATIVE, unless otherwise required by applicable laws. Less cost and saving money

4. HIGH PRODUCTIVITY / GREATER EFFICIENCY – Our people are the most obedient and docile in the country, knowing and in accordance to DOLE (DO-174), as they do not that nonconformity with the standards of Client Company will mean termination anytime. These are the people who cannot say “NO” when asked to do overtime work, even at the most unholy hour, especially during holidays, when “regular” are to enjoy their time. This has been proven by our valued clients.

5. EXEMPTION FROM MINIMUM WAGES TAX – Our group of workers (Cooperative Member) deployed to our client shall be exempted from the coverage of the Minimum Wage law.

Majority of our Regular Members are connected with BCMI MANPOWER SERVICES, INC.. To enable our BCMI Manpower Services Inc. workers generates additional income we invest a certain capital shares and come up with COUNTERPART RESOURCE MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE.

Most clients of BCMI MANPOWER SERVICES, INC with minimum rate under NWPC-NCR 14 of DOLE Rules and Regulation, decided to transfer to the custody of COUNTERPART RESOURCE MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE.

Counterpart Resource Multi-purpose Cooperative is duly authorized and certified by Cooperative Development Authority under CDA Certificate No. 9520-16018750-2 to provide manpower services package with our group associate members who have competence for the satisfaction of our client. Our business is to engage in service provider, employing the trained and qualified members; providing necessary and relevant job skills and competencies to client needs in the areas of various technical, engineers, administrative, clerical and / or transactional functions and enabling them to use the acquired skills to gain access to available non-core job or project in the different business organization of public and private entities.

We have training centre with equipment to lift-ups the skills and knowhow of interested members for the performance of jobs contracted by Coop with Client companies.

Our labor rate is based on (8) regular hour a day and as per NWPC-NCR 14 of DOLE Rules and Regulation, and also inclusive of the employee’s salary are SSS, ECC, Phil-health, Pag-ibig, 13th Month Pay , Five (5) days incentive leave and very reasonable service fee. Overtime / Holiday rate is based on the Labor Code Provision.



1. Ajia Machine Shop Inc – Skilled Workers
# 3068 Limay St. Manugit Tondo, Manila
2. SMC Manpower Agency Philippines Company – Land-based Agency
Unit 1 Eden Townhomes , 2011 Eden St. , Corner Pedro Gil St. , Sta. Ana Manila
3. Weltanchaung CorporationContractor
A . Luna St. Brgy.., Ploblacion Mandaluyong City
4. Tayan Electrical & Industrial Components EnterprisesElectrical Supplies
General Luis Road Bagbagin Valenzuela City


  • Office Operation – covers all office workers from supervisors down to janitors and messengers.
  • Blue Collars Jobs – covers factory workers both skilled and unskilled (e.g merchandisers and warehousemen.
  • Professional Manpower Supply – we supply all Professional manpower forces.
  • Skilled Manpower Supply – we supply all Professional manpower forces.
  • Janitorial Services – covers housekeeping, janitorial, consumable cleaning chemical, maintenance.
  • Psychological Testing Services – we have highly sophisticated testing programs and strict personality assessment, and procedures utilizing standardized psychological test to ensure keen and competitive selection of applicant.
  • Training Programs and Seminar – we offer in house training programs and public seminars as well . We start with a need–analysis of your company and design special programs. A line–up of competent and experienced consultants is always available to solve your management problems.
  • Background Investigation – covers pre-employment background investigation aside from the in-depth inquiry regarding the person’s attitude towards work, people and family.
  • Our fully computerized modern office are fully maintained by qualified staffs and experienced selectors to enable us to achieve high standards and prestige in local recruitment business.

Twenty Five (25) corporates have taken upon themselves the challenge to lessen poverty and to help the jobless people that are willing and dedicated and competent to get job, and also improve the socio-economic condition of the members and the community.

In addition to the foregoing, prospective members must be Filipino citizens, have the capacity to contract (at least 18 years of age), regardless of ethnic.

We have databank on manpower availability at all levels. Our extensive databank, stringent selection and specialized testing methods have resulted in recruiting the best personnel for any required assignments. All these candidates are tested, technically as well as medically prior to selections. We also take the services of our head hunting team who are successful in building bridges to support distances between the employer and the employee. We are fully confident of achieving any number of requirements “NO MATTER WHAT” within no time.


1726 Agosto Francisco Aqua Marina St. and Radium St. San Andreas Bukid Manila, philippines


(02) 907-9285 / (02) 561-0405


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